Why Opt For Marquee Hire For Your Wedding?

Most of the couples looking to tie the knot these days are opting for backyard weddings and are turning to marquee hire to hold the marriage ceremony in gardens or open fields. A marquee is basically a large tent, usually with open sides, employed mainly for outdoor functions and events like weddings and parties. This article outlines three reasons why marquee hire is increasingly becoming a popular trend these days.


Wedding marquees are available in a wide selection of sizes. This provides a cheaper option to using large sums of money on a location where you are forced to make specific compromises in terms of the space available. This means that you can use your guest list to determine the size of marquee to hire instead of having to restrict your guest list to a less spacious venue. Furthermore, a marquee can fit in any place that has adequate space.


One of the best reasons to opt for marquee hire is the fact that you are not limited by the style or décor of your wedding venue. Basically, a marquee opens a million possibilities in terms of design and décor. As a couple, you can design your preferred scheme with the addition of screens, drapes and lighting. You have the option of deciding whether to partition the marquee to create a separate dance floor and decking it uniquely to make a striking impact when the band begins to play and the patterned drapes are pulled back. In addition, you can do away with the sides of the tent if the weather is actually fine.

Ability To Cope With Different Weather Patterns

One of the chief concerns for couples who look to rent a marquee for their wedding is bad weather patterns. Is the marquee able to deal with rain and strong winds? The good news is that the majority of marquees can endure almost all the climatic conditions thrown at it, and this means you don't have to worry about your special day being dampened by dreaded weather conditions. Apart from the wetter and colder aspects, marquees also provide adequate cover against strong sunlight. Most of them provide a shady and cool area during those rare, scorching sunny days.

Based on the above mentioned reasons, couples have a lot to benefit from by hiring a marquee for their forthcoming wedding. For more information, contact a business such as Penrith Party Hire.